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online counseling

The psychoterapist Bersenda give you the opportunity to enjoy also the online advice which are particularly suitable in the period in which you can not do face-to-face counseling sessions.

The consultations can take place via Skype, Zoom or other Internet programs that allow with the help of professional privacy and all sensitive areas also expressly indicated by the Order of Psychologists.

The beauty of Skype or other Internet programs is that you are able to see physical the therapist, a factor that is often lost during the consultation by email or telephone. However, just like other methods, online counseling allows attend a session in the comfort eg from home and yes You can talk to a psychotherapist from anywhere in the world.

How does online counseling for example via Skype?


First of all, the person concerned is put into contact with the psychoterapist Bersenda sending an e-mail or telephone to arrange an initial consultation. Together you plan an appropriate time for us both to fix the real advice and their.

During the initial consultation you can make sure the technology works properly and that the advice received in this way is fine. This is also an opportunity to know the psychoterapist Bersenda.

The Bersenda, place counseling or psychological support activities online or remotely via Skype, Zoom or other Internet channels.

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